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What Can You Expect?

You have been injured in an accident and you are now trying to contemplate what lies ahead for you and your family. Do I have a case?  What do I have to do next and how long will everything take?  What are the processes and challenges?  How much money will my case be worth?

At Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś we understand what you are going through, and the questions you have as you come to terms with your situation. In this section of our website we have provided you with some insight into what you can expect in the days, months, and years ahead as you recover from your accident and obtain compensation for your injuries (see content on the left side of this page).  We want you to be aware of what may lie ahead for you. But, we also want to encourage you to seek professional legal counsel to help you.

With over 35 years of personal injury experience, Ashley Gnyś has successfully settled injury cases related to yours.  Retaining the services of an experienced lawyer like Ashley lets you leverage his experience and professional tools, increasing the probability of arriving at a high insurance settlement.  This includes analyzing your injuries, putting a value on your pain and suffering, understanding how the insurance companies work, negotiating your settlement, reviewing similar injury cases etc.  Doing these tasks is what actually increases your chances at a high insurance settlement.

If you pursue your insurance claim on your own, you are guessing at what you think your injuries might be worth.  Your guess can very well be thousands of dollars below what your injury claim is actually worth.

If you decide you want us to represent you, we’ll never charge you any fees while your claim progresses.
We’ll also pay all disbursement costs including expert reports and any other expenses that are necessary to reach a settlement, regardless of how long that takes.  In some cases we will work with your medical providers to see that you are not charged for their services until such time as we settle or bring your case to judgment.  Simply stated, we don’t get paid until you get paid.  Our fees will come out of the settlement we reach.

To learn more about "what you can expect" and to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve, contact Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś today for a Free Consultation.