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We Are In This Together --- No Recovery, No Fee.

What does this mean? Simply stated, it speaks to the essence of who we are, what we do, and why we do it ...

Ashley Gnys, Senior Partner with SBG and head of the personal injury department, has been practicing personal injury law for over 35 years and when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, his commitment and dedication to his clients has always been driven by a personal mission to "defend the defenceless".

Dealing with an insurance company can be very much like a David and Goliath situation, the little guy against the deep-pocketed insurance company. Filing an insurance claim is often times very intimidating and confusing, and that is to the advantage of the insurance company.  Ashley Gnys and his personal injury team at Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś have decades of knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance companies on behalf of personal injury victims. We can protect you when you are most vulnerable and ensure that your insurance rights are protected.

At Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś we work for you only —not the insurance companies who have substantial resources at their disposal to avoid honouring their insurance promises and obligations. We will fight for your insurance rights and "defend the defenseless".

We believe it is an important principle that your individual rights be respected. We have the legal knowledge and experience needed to successfully fight for your rights. Because we are committed to upholding this basic principle, we will invest in your case right away ... but you do not have to pay us until we win a financial settlement for you and your family.  Simply stated, we don’t get paid until you get paid. So, in many ways, we are in this together.

There is no question that attempting to navigate the insurance and legal systems, while recovering from an injury, can be overwhelming, especially if you try and do this on your own. We would encourage you to retain professional legal advice and guidance, such as can be provided by Ashley Gnys and his personal injury team at Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś.

We will work closely with you and our network of medical and health care professionals to determine the extent and effect of your injury, and your goals for resolution. We will use both our negotiation experience and our litigation experience to arrive at a successful outcome. And we will do this together ...

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