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My Injury Involves a Friend, Neighbour, or Relative.
How Will Suing Affect Them?

First of all, to be able to bring a tort action against anyone, whether it is against someone you know or a total stranger, you have to sustain serious injuries or disfigurement of a permanent nature. If your injuries are less serious than this, you do not need to claim beyond the "no-fault" scheme.

You do not actually sue your friend/neighbour/relative personally, so long as they have a valid policy of automobile insurance at the time of the motor vehicle accident. In that case, their insurance company will appoint a defence lawyer for them. And, as long as your claim is less than their policy limit, it will not be your friend/neighbour/relative that pays when a settlement is reached. Rather, your damages will be reimbursed by the insurance company. Your lawyer will be responsible for the settlement of your case so that your relationship with the other party may continue undisturbed.