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Let Us Carry Your Legal Burden
While You Get Your Life Back on Track

We help you by shouldering your legal burden and being accessible to you throughout the duration of the case. With a reputation as strong as ours, insurance lawyers know we are serious and that we know how to overcome any of their obstacles to avoid paying you what you are entitled to.

We will invest in your case right away ... and unless your case settles in part or in full, no fees are charged. If you win, we win, if you lose, we lose. No recovery, no fees. 
We work for you only —not the insurance company. We focus entirely on plaintiff personal injury—we never represent insurance companies, as this can cause a conflict of interest we feel it’s important to avoid.

Attempting to navigate the insurance and legal systems, while recovering from an injury, can be overwhelming. We will work closely with you and our network of medical and health care professionals to determine the extent and effect of your injury, and your goals for resolution. We will use both our negotiation experience and our litigation experience to arrive at a successful outcome.

Not only can we guide you through a compensation claim but we can also help you access rehabilitation and medical treatment to make life easier for you and your family.