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We Can Help Pay for Treatment

The sad reality is that while you paid for insurance coverage expecting that one day if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and injured you would get badly needed medical treatment, all too often you will be disappointed by what your insurance company is willing to do to help you.  All those years you faithfully paid your insurance premiums and now that you need help, surely you automobile insurer will come through for you, right?

Let's face it, insurance companies are great when it comes to collecting their premium dollars, but not so great when it comes to paying them out again in claims.

We at Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś encounter so many clients who become disillusioned by the way they are treated by the insurance industry.   There are a variety of reasons why this is such a source of frustration and tale of woe.  One of the reasons has to do with how most soft tissue, non-fracture injuries are treated.  If you have sustained a sprain or strain injury, or suffered a whiplash, you likely will only be able to access $3,500 or less in medical treatment funding via the Minor Injury Guideline, or "MIG" for short.  For some minor injuries that may be enough, but for those whose injuries are more serious, $3,500 is woefully inadequate and can be used up in physical or psychological therapy with shocking speed.  Some industry experts estimate that  3 in 4 injury cases are treated under MIG. When you reach that $3,500 maximum funding ceiling, you will be cut off by your insurer.

Another problem is the built-in tension in the system.  It is a system that frequently pits the insured and injured person- you, against the mighty insurance industry.  The fact it is your insurance company you are dealing with, often makes no real difference in how your claim will be dealt with.  To be fair to insurers, there are also those who will take advantage of the system through exaggerated claims and fraud so there are built in checks and balances that often prove hurt the very person they should be designed to help - you. A few bad apples can spoil the whole crop.  It is what it is.

Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś cannot waive a magic wand and make the world suddenly fair, but we can help get to you badly needed funding so you can get the medical treatment you need to get better, provided you did not cause the MVA in the first place.  If the MVA was your fault, then I apologize in advance, b/c we will not be able to help you and it is unlikely a PI lawyer will take on your case.

But, if you were injured in a MVA as a result of the fault of another, we often will be able to take on your case and get the help you need.  In that case, if you lack collateral medical insurance coverage through work, we can assist you with applying for a litigation loan from a lender who specializes in extending loans to people like you who have been injured in a MVA.   Those funds will be secured by your PI file with us and not one cent of the loan has to be repaid until your case settles.  Recent court decisions indicate that the loan interest you incur can be collected back as part of your settlement with the at fault motorist's insurance company.

Or say you need assistance with housekeeping and home maintenance activities that your injuries now prevent you from doing.  Again, that is where a litigation loan can come in handy.

At Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś, we will do our very best in getting for you the help you need, not only with the eventual settlement of your case, but we will assist with your practical day-to-day needs.  Give us a call and see if we can help you get the badly needed help you need.