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Slip And Fall Injuries


If you’ve been injured by slipping, tripping or falling, Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś can help you assemble and present a claim, and we will support you through what can be a particularly trying experience. Often slip/trip/fall victims are subjected to much finger pointing—“lots of people didn’t hurt themselves here; why did you?”—and we help you cope with the strain of this experience.

Slip/trip/fall claims exist in varying degrees, and though they are usually filed by an individual against a commercial entity, claims can also be brought against a residential entity.

A lot of people assume that if they fell on someone else’s property, there is nothing they can do. If you have slipped or tripped on someone else’s property because of icy conditions or other dangerous conditions, such as potholes, no sand or salt during hazardous conditions, you may be entitled to compensation.

Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś specializes in slips and falls. Even if you are partially responsible for slipping and falling, you can still make a claim against the occupier of the property.

Contact us today and arrange for your Free Consultation. The main obstacle encountered in these types of cases is proving liability, so the sooner we begin, the better.

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