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One of the most feared and debilitating  consequences of a personal injury accident is paralysis: defined as a complete loss of strength in an affected limb or muscle group.  More severe cases of paralysis are paraplegia and quadriplegia, unquestionably major life-changing injuries.  In all cases of paralysis, the victim will not only have to deal with the immediate trauma, but with the lifelong struggle of adapting to the damage that has been done to their body. 

If you have paralysis due to an accident caused by others, Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś can help you with the legal assistance needed to obtain justice for you and your families.  

Paralysis can be the result of a car accident, a slip and fall, medical malpractice or a bicycle or motorcycle incident, and is most often caused by damage to the central nervous system, especially the spinal cord. With paralysis injuries, long term solutions are needed. The costs associated with paralysis (loss of income, physical therapy, attendant care, mobility) can be overwhelming. As per their normal course of doing business, insurers will often delay or deny claims making coping with such a devastating injury even harder, and emotionally draining.

Ashley  Gnyś  and his personal injury team at Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś  are committed to helping paralysis victims move forward to achieve the greatest degree of physical recovery possible, and obtain a fair financial settlement for the victims and their families.  At  Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś , we understand what you are going through and the challenges that lay ahead for you and your family.  

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