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Head And Neck Injury

head_and_neck_.jpgHead and neck injuries can result from a variety of unfortunate incidents including car accidents, slips and falls and sports related injuries.  A severe concussion or deep brain injury can lead to memory loss, amnesia, chronic headaches, and cognitive impairment.  It is difficult to assess the effect on an individual’s quality of life after a head or neck injury and that’s why it is imperative to speak to qualified legal representative about your situation.

A head injury refers to any particular type of trauma that affects the human head. This type of physical injury may or may not include actual trauma or injury to the brain.  However, the term head injury will often times used to describe injuries to the brain as well.

Many people don’t realize that they have received a head or neck injury preceding an accident.  You may have sustained severe whiplash as a result of an automobile accident or other personal injury but it may take several days or weeks before any symptoms arise.  Day to day function becomes difficult when you have sustained an injury to your head or neck.

The personal injury team of Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś has the knowledge and expertise to assist you if you have suffered a head and neck injury.  We can help you gain some benefits for even a minor head or neck injury.  If you’ve suffered a “minor injury”, access to benefits is restricted and medical and rehabilitation benefits are limited to $3,500.00.  A minor injury is defined in the legislation as sprains, strains, partial dislocations and cuts and bruises.  Exceptions do apply and as always it is best to discuss this with our personal injury team in case you have further questions about your situation.

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