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Our Pledge to You

The following is the code by which the entire team at Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś abides in every interaction we have with our clients, from our very first meeting to the close of each case.

At Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś we will:

  • Treat you with respect, and we ask for that same respect in return.
  • Work to earn your trust, and we ask that you work to earn our trust as well.
  • Be honest with you. What we have to say may not always be the easiest thing to hear, but if it’s important, we will tell you.
  • Genuinely care about your situation, and we will prove this through our actions.
  • Be completely competent in our legal work.
  • Keep you informed.
  • Get to know you as an individual, because it makes our advocacy that much more effective.
  • Explain to you the terms of payment and then abide by those terms.
  • Use a team approach, as this helps us use our time effectively and keeps your case moving forward.
  • Form a partnership with you, relying on you to do your part and relying on our team to do what you cannot.
  • Make the law understandable to you, removing its mysteriousness.
  • Manage risk. We will treat your case and your money like it was our own—we do not unnecessarily risk our own assets, nor will we unnecessarily risk yours.
  • Act with integrity.

We encourage you to always keep this list in mind, as we work hard to remain mindful of our pledge to you