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Our Approach

At Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś, we believe that if we are to be effective advocates for you we must get to know you, your personality and the unique details of your case, including what we consider to be the unseen aspects of your personal injury claim.

Injuries Are like Icebergs
In our experience, personal injuries are a lot like icebergs: most of the damage is unseen, lying beneath the surface. Injuries are more than just physical damage to the body—injuries also impact each person emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and relationally. Our team focuses on understanding those unseen components of your case, and that’s what makes your case stand out.

Distinguishing Your Case
When the law refers to “pain and suffering and loss of amenities of life,” it’s these amenities that help us distinguish you and your case. When life’s activities, passions and pursuits are harmed or removed due to a traumatic injury, you’ve experienced a loss and we can help you seek justice for it.

Our team will ask questions, getting to know you and what gives your life meaning, and that’s what enables us to present your case as unique, which increases the likelihood for a successful settlement.

Allow us an opportunity to see if we can help you --- call us today for a free consultation and we will claim assessment