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Genuine Personal Attention. 'We Prioritize Getting to Know You"

Getting to know each person we assist is essential to our advocacy process, as it helps us distinguish your case from the many other cases that are presented to insurance companies each year. We get to know you through the following steps:

  • Asking questions and listening carefully to the answers.
  • Gaining an understanding of your personality.
  • By obtaining medical reports from your health care providers and investigating your pre-accident health by reviewing your medical records. Do you have a high or low pain threshold? Is your health vulnerable or fragile in some respect, and does this help explain your reaction to your traumatic event?
  • By discovering what you are passionate about in life and what motivates you.
  • By interviewing not only you, but your family members and close friends.
  • By not narrowly focusing on your physical injuries to the exclusion of your non-physical, psychological ones.
  • By obtaining employment records and data from your past/present employer(s).
  • By spending significant one-on-one time talking with you, often over a period of years.
  • By keeping an open, yet discerning, mind about the information you provide us with.

The first step in getting to know you, is yours. Call us today for a Free Consultation.