Our Team: Working Tirelessly to Support Your Case

As a collective unit, we work tirelessly to make sure you receive the justice you deserve for the injuries you’ve sustained.  Whatever you’ve experienced, our team helps bring control back to the chaos.

Seeking Justice for You

Each person on the Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś personal injury team is driven by one distinct quality: passion.  Passion for law.  Passion for justice.  Passion for helping people just like you get the help you need.  When you work with our team, you will experience a profound sense of care.

Our lawyers and paralegals excel in all areas of case management.  And, not only is our team absolutely competent, we are also caring, sincere and effective.

While we have provided pictures and information below about the SBG Team, we have also produced two short staff videos:

Suzanne Trapp
Sharpe, Beresh & Gnys
Karin Graveline
Sharpe, Beresh & Gnys

Our personal injury team comprises the following uniquely gifted and highly compassionate individuals:

Ashley Gnyś

ashley2.jpg Mr. Ashley Gnyś is a Senior Partner with Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś and heads up the personal injury practice for the firm.  He has handled thousands of personal injury cases in his over 35 years of experience.  A graduate of Wilfred Laurier University, where he did his pre-law, Ashley then attended law school at the University of Ottawa.

A member of both the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Ontario Trial Lawyers' Association, Mr. Gnyś restricts his practice to representing persons who have lost their lives or suffered serious personal injuries due to the negligence of others.  Typically his clients have been victims of car crashes, medical malpractice, unsafe premises, unsafe medical devices or unsafe pharmaceutical products.

To learn more about Ashley and Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś go to --- Welcome From Ashley Gnyś


Karin Graveline

karinKarin has been a paralegal since 2003. She heads both our litigation and medical rehabilitation departments. She brings a wealth of skill in process planning, project management and information technology. She plays a key role as a trusted liaison with our clients and assists them throughout their case. She holds an Industrial Design Degree with Carleton University, and her educational background is evident on every file that she manages as her attention to detail is second to none.

Valerie Gnyś

val Valerie has over 30 years of personal injury experience, having served as a paralegal for Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś since 1986. She conducts client interviews, and on various files she is responsible for case management, client liaison, trial and mediation preparation. When you hire our firm, your case will have the full support and direction of a team of experienced personal injury practitioners such as Valerie.


Kerri O'Shea

KerriKerri is a legal assistant who manages the firm's schedule, and is responsible for the operations and administration of the office. She also works with our clients managing their cases, and she is there throughout the process for our clients, doing whatever needs to be done.


Suzanne Trapp

suzieSuzanne serves the Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś team as both our main receptionist and one of our paralegals. She has been with us since 2004. She handles the initial phone call from potential clients. She sets them at ease and gives them an understanding of what to expect when engaging a law firm for a personal injury file.

Suzanne's friendly voice, open ear and attention to detail provide our clients with a good first impression. She is a great sounding board who has a knack for uncovering important details from a caller to help advance their case. Her goal is to do whatever she can to help you or point you in the right direction.


Elizabeth Douglas

suzieElizabeth started as a co-op student and she is now a full-time paralegal with the firm, with degrees and diplomas from Brock University and Durham College. She handles all prospective calls and intakes, court documents, undertakings and production requests, and has regular meetings and/or telephone contact with clients to complete various tasks associated with their personal injury claims.


Guy Graveline

guy Guy is a consultant with the firm, and he brings over 30 years of executive-level private and public sector experience to the firm. He manages the firm's marketing and communications, including the development and management of the website and social media outlets.


An Experienced and Knowledgeable Team
If you've been injured, you can trust the legal services available at our office to help you recover the settlement you'll need... and deserve. For a Free Initial Consultation, contact the law office of Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś today.

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